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We are Des Sera


Des Sera [dey-sehr-ah]

Des Sera is the experimental music performance efforts put forth by a core group of individuals from Harrisburg, PA. It's the coalescence of art, love, community, weird music, gypsy blood, human beatbox, shared and borrowed space, creative diversity, mutual admiration, and the pursuit of the transcendent. It's the story of a group of individuals who, in some way and for some reason, found themselves in Harrisburg, PA and were attracted together to explore the possibilities of an ever expanding collective of artists. The Des Sera collective is a living, evolving thing with a heart and mind of its own. Since landing on the scene in early 2013, Des Sera has garnered critical acclaim for their raw vocal talent, originality, unique instrumentation, and use of technology during their live shows.


Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Steph Werner
Bass, Guitar / Brian Rooney
Beatbox, Live Looping / Jordan Zabady



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